Thrive Women in Leadership Program

This Thrive leadership program builds the confidence, executive presence and leadership capability of women working in corporate, so they can represent themselves and their organisation to the best of their abilities.

This is achieved through consistently thinking and behaving from a constructive orientation and utilising a best practice leadership toolkit to support success.

The program can be modularised to suit the needs and budget of any organisation or individual.

The original learning framework was designed as a twelve month development program, and it is recommended that the full annual program be implemented, where possible, to achieve maximum results.

A suggested curriculum has been developed based on best practice leadership literature/themes and taking into consideration key development opportunities consistently identified in coaching conversations undertaken by Sonia to date.

The wellbeing of the Thrive Program participants is surveyed in each workshop.  As evidenced in previous Thrive programs, when participants put into practice the tools and techniques learnt in the Thrive program, their wellbeing simultaneously and cumulatively improved.

9.7 out of 10 is the average score given by participants of the Thrive Program to the question of ‘how valuable did you find the Thrive Program!’

If you would like to engage Sonia to facilitate ‘Thrive’ in your Organisation or to develop or facilitate a workshop in your business, then please get in contact. 

“Sonia has been monumental in helping me work towards my goal in ceasing self-doubting and reoccurring negative thoughts. Sonia has equipped me with skills and techniques to combat these. After leaving each session with Sonia I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.”

– Sophia Stanley

“Working with Sonia has completely changed my outlook on life and myself. She makes me feel and be empowered to take control of my work, well-being, and business. Before working with Sonia, I didn’t believe this mindset would be achievable.”

– Mylan Vu

“Working with Sonia has been one of the best opportunities for development I have been afforded. Sonia is everything you would hope from a coach; a great listener, constructive in her feedback, experienced and considered. She challenges your ways of thinking and subsequent behaviours to encourage you to truly stretch yourself and grow.”

– Claudia Gallardo