Hearing Your Soul’s Guidance

Hearing Your Soul’s guidance is an eight week life changing program which can be commenced at any time and will continue for eight consecutive weeks.

This program is designed so anyone can do it, as there are three levels of activities each day of the program so you can choose which level best suits you.

Following each week’s Soul Coaching program of self discovery, we will meet virtually to energetically clear and heal anything that has arisen in that week, in support of expediting your transformation.

Upon committing to the program, you will be sent your Soul Coaching Folder that contains all relevant information for your Program. Dates for the program will be agreed up front, so all virtual one on one sessions are scheduled.

Each week of the program will be followed by a one hour virtual one on one, energy clearing and healing session.

The investment for this eight week program, including eight one on one sessions is $2,555 + GST.

The following is an outline of the “Hearing Your Soul’s Guidance” program –

Week One – Intention Setting

  • Together, we will walk through the program manual, so you receive a high level overview of the program and an understanding of what is to unfold during ‘Hearing Your Soul’s Guidance’.
  • I will answer any questions you may have of the program.
  • Where your intention goes, energy flows and so, this journey of self discovery begins with a powerful intention setting session to put the Universe on notice that you are ready to begin communing with your inner Spirit and opening up to the messages from your Soul.
  • In this first one on one session, we will align your energy to the powerful intention of discovering your true authentic self.

Week TwoAir week
Focuses on cleansing, clearing, and realigning your mental body

This week is devoted to clearing away mental blocks, completing a life assessment to begin answering the question, “where am I in my life and where do I wish to be? As well as a review of your values and beliefs to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Week ThreeWater week
Focuses on cleansing, clearing, and realigning your emotional body.

Water week, focuses on exploring and understanding your emotional self by reflecting on the meaning you have given to events in your past, identifying what drains and boosts your energy, reviewing your relationships and how you relate to people and the world around you, being still, releasing the inner victim and being in gratitude.

Week Four Fire week
Focuses on cleansing, clearing and realigning your spiritual body.

This week is directed towards an awakening and connecting to your spiritual self, identifying and confronting fears, facing disowned aspects of the Self, taking risks and being present, embracing life and engaging in random acts of kindness, activating your creative spirit and being in the energy of abundance.

Week FiveEarth Week
Focuses on cleansing, clearing, and realigning your physical body.

This week is focussed on the physical self by connecting you with your body’s posture and how you carry yourself, a physical detox, awakening the natural forces within you, connection with nature, creating a sacred space and home for your Soul.

Week Six Preparing for your Quest Day

You have spent the past 4 weeks cleansing and clearing each part of your life in readiness for this day. The past few weeks have set the stage for you to be able to get big picture answers from your Soul. So, it’s now time to go into spiritual solitude to commune with your Soul for the answers you seek and to create a Soul inspired vision board for the future you desire.

Week 7Reviewing and Decoding the Quest Day Messages

This week is all about re-examining the messages and epiphanies that came through during the past few weeks but most especially during your all important Quest Day. Together we will decode the hidden spiritual messages in your Soul Vision board and then take those messages and turn them into a beautiful action plan for your next life chapter.

Week Eight – Manifestation healing Meditation

We will come together virtually and complete a powerful manifestation meditation to activate a powerful flow of Universal Light Vibration toward the manifestation of your vision and heart’s desires. This session will also anchor clarity around next steps following the program.

If you are interested, please email sonia@soniamotum.com.

“Sonia has been monumental in helping me work towards my goal in ceasing self-doubting and reoccurring negative thoughts. Sonia has equipped me with skills and techniques to combat these. After leaving each session with Sonia I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.”

– Sophia Stanley

“Working with Sonia has completely changed my outlook on life and myself. She makes me feel and be empowered to take control of my work, well-being, and business. Before working with Sonia, I didn’t believe this mindset would be achievable.”

– Mylan Vu

“Working with Sonia has been one of the best opportunities for development I have been afforded. Sonia is everything you would hope from a coach; a great listener, constructive in her feedback, experienced and considered. She challenges your ways of thinking and subsequent behaviours to encourage you to truly stretch yourself and grow.”

– Claudia Gallardo