Five Week Meditation Program

The five week introductory meditation program is held virtually via video conferencing every Monday night for five consecutive weeks, from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Participants are sent recordings of the meditations to practice between each meditation circle.

The investment for the five week meditation program is $550 + GST.

During this program, we will explore several different meditation practices, so you can find the perfect meditation style that best suits you.

Overview of five week meditation program:

  • Week One – Healing the Physical Body
  • Week Two – Calm the Racing Mind
  • Week four – Expand the Loving Heart
  • Week Five –Connect to your Intuition

Did you know that meditation has become recognized by science as the most effective antidote to stress!!!  So why not make a commitment to yourself to feel a loving sense of inner peace and evolve your life for the better.

If you are interested in joining a meditation circle, please get in contact for timings and to book into one of the upcoming circles.

"With little experience I learnt lots of different ways to meditate and discovered techniques which worked best for me. Whilst still at the beginning of my meditation journey, I am starting to see the cumulative positive effects. Sonia has a calm and grounded aura, a wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to meditation and healing and an innate gift as a coach and mentor. I felt very lucky to participate and highly recommend this program to others."

– Olivia Perks

"The purpose of me undertaking this program was to commence a new daily ritual, quieting my racing mind that has in the past had too many tabs open within it. This is now part of my daily practise, I’m using the techniques, mediations and advice, so thankyou Sonia for being the vessel for me to be here."

– Anonymous

"Sonia gave beautiful, calm & thorough guidance as she led us through all aspects of not only the ‘what’ & ‘how’ of meditation but also covered deeper aspects of self-discovery, awareness and personal growth. This has opened a whole new world to me and I’m excited for how my journey with meditation will unfold."

–Daniel Connolly

"Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and experience in different mediation styles along with a beautiful delivery and facilitation style. I highly recommend Sonia to support others on their mediation journey."

– Bec Lucas